Маса от дъбов масив с живи ръбове


Material: Oak wood

Size: L 350 x W 70-90 x H 80 x T 8.5

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Discover the Beauty of Nature: Oak Live Edge Table

Elevate your space with the captivating beauty of our Oak Live Edge Table. Crafted from a solid oak massif, this masterpiece exudes natural elegance and individuality. With dimensions of 3.5 meters in length and varying widths between 70 to 90 cm, it offers a dynamic presence that adapts to its surroundings.

Aesthetic Charm of Natural Holes and Heart-Shaped Void

Embracing the beauty of imperfections, the table boasts natural holes that lend a unique and artistic aesthetic. Among them, a heart-shaped void adds a touch of romance, infusing your space with heartfelt charm. The white oak hue lends a timeless allure, seamlessly complementing a variety of interior styles.

Preserving the Organic Essence: Live Edges and White Oak

Unveil the essence of rustic elegance as the live edges preserve the organic essence of the wood. Each curve and contour tells a story of growth and time, resonating with the beauty of nature itself. This table transcends functionality, offering a glimpse into the very soul of the oak from which it was born.

A Masterpiece of Nature’s Artistry

The Oak Live Edge Table isn’t merely furniture; it’s an exquisite work of art. Its alluring irregularities, the heart-shaped hollow, and the unique grain patterns make it a true conversation starter. Experience the charm of nature’s masterpiece, where artistry meets functionality in a union that is distinctly your own.


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